04May24: Began work on Diego Pisador Libro de Musica de Vihuela (1552). This volume contains a number of vocal works (villancicos, romances, and religious works), some with mensural part written out, some with the vocal part expressed in the tablature in colored ciphers. The text is written under the tab somewhat irregularly. In order to create a more easily usable edition, I have created a mensural staff and moved the text there. I have not yet completed most of the villancicos and romances because I have not yet figured out the text underlay.

There are also 25 fantasias on the various modes, and with various note patterns, some with red ciphers and solmization written in underneath. I have skipped the written-in solmization, as I think it’s fairly obvious what these should be and writing them in clutters up the copy. Some of the fantasias contain a fair number of very nasty dissonances which I cannot believe are intentional. I have made a note where I have corrected these. What remain are mainly vocal religious works.

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