21Oct14: Completed edition of the Doni Lute MS (1640), as well as a cleaned-up but low-res version of the source. This is a collection of solo pieces for 14-course archlute, though most of the pieces can be played on instruments of fewer courses. The collection contains 80 pieces: many courantes, galliards, and toccatas, and a smattering of other types of pieces, such as chaconnes. Some of these pieces, especially the chaconnes, have few or no bar lines and rhythm flags, which makes interpreting them rather difficult., so I have set these aside for the time being and have included only those I feel reasonably certain of interpreting correctly. The pieces vary greatly in difficulty. Some of the toccatas are especially interesting and difficult, including two by Kapsberger. I should mention that I have been getting very significant help from Art NessDavid TaylerJohn Robinson and Martin Shepherd in interpreting some of the idiosyncrasies of this and the de Bellis MSS.

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