08Dec14: Completed edition of Castigliono Intabolatura de leuto (1536). This contains some excellent pieces by dall’Aquila, Borrono, and Milano. It contains fantasies, toccatas, pavanes, and saltarellos. There are very few errors in this source, which makes life easier.
24Nov14: Posted 
cleaned-up facsimile of Castigliono Intabolatura de leuto (1536), for those that like Italian tab. French tab edition to follow.
14Nov14: Completed edition of 
Emanuel Adriaenssen Pratum Musicum (1584). I could not find a clean copy of the 1592 printing. Included are 60 vocal and lute ensemble pieces by various composers. It is unclear which of these pieces may have been originally composed by Adriaenssen himself. I have to commend Alain Veylit for the excellent work he did encoding these pieces, especially the songs and lute ensemble pieces, which require a lot of work in aligning the different parts. His solutions are always careful and musical. I also checked the pieces against the facsimile original and found very few errors. I took the liberty of making lute songs out of the vocal pieces by creating lute accompaniments that do not double the top vocal line.

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