18Jan15: Posted edition of Rotta’s Intabolatura di lauto, v.1 (1546). For this, I am greatly indebted to Jason Kortis, who did an excellent edition of this work in Spanish tab and thus saved me a lot of work on data entry. For the volume of encodings he has produced over the years, Jason is surely one of the unsung heroes of creating accessible lute music. My edition, in French tab, contains the massive, perhaps obsessive, quantity of tenuto marks present in the second edition of this volume (rendered as X’s after the notes to be held).. These give a crystal clear view of the voice leading in the pieces. The pieces range in difficulty from fairly easy to challenging and include padouanas, passamezzi, galliards, saltarellos, ricercars, and vocal intabulations. All were checked against the originals. There are few errors in the original document and few in Kortis’s edition, which was obviously done with great care.

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