12Feb15: Completed edition of Vincenzo Galilei Fronimo Dialogo (1584).Göran Crona did careful work in creating his edition of this work. I have added a few pieces not present in that edition, proofread each piece note for note against the original facsimile and by listening to each, and inserted the copious number of tenuto marks that are found throughout the work. Also, this edition, like all of mine, is in French tablature, which some may find easier to read then the original Italian. Unfortunately, the facsimile I had to work from was of very poor quality, with an excessive number of smudges, drop-outs, bleed-throughs, and, sadly, many dark lines vertically spanning all the pages from scratches on the microfilm. I have also posted that facsimile, on which I have attempted some cleanup, though it is still in rough shape. Arne Harder provided a better copy, which I have yet to post, as it still needs cleanup, and I am on to the next project. Fronimo contains over a hundred pieces, all of excellent quality. It mostly consists of intabulations of 3 to 6-part vocal pieces of the time, but it also contains a few lute duets, and ricercars in every conceivable mode. There are a couple of “puzzle fugues”, one in mensural notation, the other in tab. I could not figure out how to make sense of these, but was finally able to with the help of Arne Harder.

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