13Apr15: Posted edition of Franciscus Bossinensis Tenore e contrabassi (1509). This contains 12 short ricercari, but the bulk of the work consists of 70 frottole of different types — strambotti, barzellette, odes, sonnetti, and capitoli. These formes fixes present non-trivial problems in their repeat structure and text underlay. I was greatly aided by consulting Benvenuto Disertori’s (1954) work on the subject, La frottola nella storia della musica, and William Prizer’s (1975) article in the LSA Journal, as well as some very useful tips from Ray Nurse. With this help, I was able to identify the structure of most of the frottole in the collection. For the outliers, I did what seemed logical. I have been as careful as I know how to be, but please let me know if you find any errors in my editions. The 26 short ricercars found at the end of the work serve as introductions to the various frottole.

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