10Jul15: Completed work on all but one frottola from Bossinensis Tenore e Contrabassi, v.2, 55 in all. The one I have not yet been able to figure out is #40 Quando andaratu al monte, by G.B. Zesso.The structure of this piece is hard to figure out, partly because it has 2 “da capos” in it, and it is not clear what should be done about them. Anybody have any ideas?25Jun15: Completed my edition of the works of Francesco da Milano, filling out the collection to include all the pieces in the Ness volume as well as others that surfaced after its publication, kindly provided by John Robinson, who also encoded many of the pieces. Carlo Stringhi also contributed many of the pieces in the collection. I have been able to check all but a handful of the pieces against source facsimiles, which I hope has minimized any errors. This collection includes many duets not previously on my site as well as many of Milano’s vocal intabulations, which are very well constructed. Some pieces are ornamented versions of the basic work. I have put an “o” in the file name to designate these. Others are parodies or works based on a known Milano piece. These are marked with a “p”. Works of questionable attribution that might be by Milano, I have marked with a “q” and, finally, new works not contained in the Ness volume, I have marked with an “x”.
Of course I, and the entire lute community, owe Arthur Ness a great debt for the excellent scholarship found in his 1971 edition of Milano’s works. Ness has also been very helpful to me in answering several queries I have had in connection with the work on the Milano project.


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