25Jan16: Posted #’s 1-100 (out of 222) of the Danzig MS 4022 (1621). I have been most pleased to collaborate with Magdalena Tomsinska on this edition as co-editor. As she has studied these pieces extensively, I consider her the leading expert on the MS. The MS is notable for its extensive collection of Polish music and other European pieces and a few English ones. Almost all of the pieces are dances of one kind or another or vocal intabulations. They are written for Renaissance lute of 6 to 9 courses. I have also included a cleaned-up facsimile of this document.
05Jan16: Posted the complete 
Hirsch Lute Book (1595). This is a rich source of English lute music, but also of European pieces. All but two pieces are for 6-course lute. All are untitled, but many are familiar pieces by Dowland, Byrd, Allison, Holborne, Milano, etc. About half of the pieces in the MS are fantasies; 14 are anonymous. Many of these are very interesting, beautiful, and well put together. I have also posted a cleaned-up version in facsimile.16Dec15: Completed work on Paladin’s second book, Livre de tablature de luth (1560). This contains vocal intabulations of madrigals and chansons, as well as some well-crafted fantasies and parodies. and a few dances. I also posted a cleaned-up version of the facsimile in Italian tab.

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