12Jul16: Completed v.6 and v.7 of Silva de Sirenas, which completes the book. V6. contains, on the whole, simpler pieces. There are 22 “sonetos”, which appear to be vocal intabulations, not particularly related to the sonnet form or the Italian sonnetto. V.7 contains more difficult and lengthy pieces, including variations on conde claros, guardame las vacas, and la folia (“Pavana”).
09Jul16: Completed 
v.5 of “Silva de Sirenas”, consisting of 33 fantasies, mostly of very high quality and strictly contrapuntal. These include several parodies of liturgical works.
06Jul16: Completed v.s 
v.3 and v.4 of “Silva de Sirenas”. V.3 consists of motets and cancions. Here the vocal part is written out in mensural notation. The text underlay is a little hard to read and not accurately aligned with the notes, so it’s a bit of a challenge and involves some guesswork. I did my best, but welcome any corrections. V.4 consists of lute duets. Only 3 of them are for equal lutes; the others are for lutes a minor third, a fourth, and a fifth apart. For these, I have provided arrangements for equal lutes, the lower lute having 7-9 courses. Luckily, the volumes in “Silva de Sirenas” are incredibly accurate. So far I have encountered only a handle of errors in the entire work.

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