08Sep17: Posted an edition of v3 and v4 of Galilei’s 1584 MS, thus completing the work on this MS. V3 consists entirely of 55 galliards by Galilei. According to Luis Gasser, the galliards might be intended as a fourth piece in a suite composed of passamezzo, romanesca, and saltarello. The galliards are not tied to any particular suite of passamezzo, romanesca, saltarello, so the performer is presumably free to pick whichever he or she wants. Galliard 53, entitled “Fiordiligi”, appears to be an “homage” to, or parody of, Crécquillon’s “Ung gay bergier”. In v3, Galilei fully wrote out all repeats instead of using repeat marks. To save space and to help clarify the structure of these galliards, I have substituted repeat marks for repeated sections. V4 contains random airs, galliards, and allemands. These are titled as “di diversi” but otherwise not attributed to any particular composer. If anyone can identify the composer of any of these, I would appreciate the help.

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