02Nov21: John Robinson’s careful work on the important fantasias at the beginning of the Krakow lute ms (c1600) has inspired me to recheck John’s version of them and my own against the original facsimile and correct some errors. I believe that the version of these fantasias on my site is now quite accurate. Also, where I have introduced editorial changes, they are noted, with the original provided for comparison. In a few places, the scribe has included left and right hand fingering notations, which I have also noted. On many or most of the fantasias, someone has scribbled in corrections or enhancements onto the ms. My edition follows the corrected/enhanced versions (although the original bars are included). In one case (#24), there are so many emendations that I have made two editions (one original, one revised) of this fantasia. In many or most of the intabulations that follow the fantasias in the Krakow ms, there are so many revisions that I have had to follow the same practice. The intabulations, so far, are of comparable quality to the fantasias.

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