06Mar22: Completed The 1525 Blindhamer Lute ms. It consists of 20 pieces, mostly vocal intabulations, but also contains 2 preambles and a fantasy. This is one of the very earliest German tab sources. It represents significant challenges because of the generally poor quality of the ms, the lack of bar lines, and the somewhat inconsistent use of rhythmic symbols, especially in the very long preamble that starts it off. I spent most of my time on this one piece, in fact, relying heavily on the work of Martin Kirnbauer and Dick Hoban, who did careful editions of the entire ms and wrote extensively on it. Their work is much appreciated. I checked everything against the original ms and hope to have eliminated all the errors, but, as always, I welcome feedback. For any errors that may remain, I take full reesponsibility. I had to get a little creative in some places where there were missing notes or other imponderables. All of the pieces are of medium difficulty and of relatively high quality, especially for such an early ms. The prelude, in particular, is well worth playing.

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