02May22: Posted another 25 pieces from “Le Secret des Muses”, v. 1 (1615). These are all courantes, and all meticulously notated by Vallet for right and left hand fingerings, barrés, tenuto lines, etc. Some of the left hand fingerings were difficult to read, as the dots are very small and often difficult to read. I did my best with them. I am sure most are correct, enough to give a very good idea of fingerings of the time, which I find quite logical and doable. I note that most of the courantes have a last bar in which the final beat is missing (half note instead of a dotted half). At first I thought it might be laziness or carelessness on the part of the scribe, but after an interesting discussion with Francesco Tribioli, we came to the conclusion that this indicates an indefinite number of repeats of the piece. If dancers were involved, one time through would make for a very short dance, so it seems likely that these pieces were played many times through.


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