12May22: Completed “Le Secret des Muses”, v. 2 (1616). The pieces in this volume are fairly easy. Vallet skips the left hand fingering in this one. Contents are mainly dances — courantes, galliards, passamezzos, pavanes, and ballets — but there is an excellent fantasia by Charles de Lespine and an even more interesting “response” to it by Vallet. At the end of the volume are six lute quartets, for D-descant, A, G and D-bass 10-course lutes. Several of these can be played with 8-course lutes on some of the parts, with a little creative tuning. I made a very few changes to these to avoid some of the more egregious cross-relations. In one case (the galliard) I had to add a bar to the superius part to make it come out right. At the very end of the volume is an interesting version of variations on Luther’s “Vater unser im Himmelreich”, like the one in the Hove MS.

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