01Feb24: Completed the remainder of v.1 of Hortus Musarum, which consisted entirely of 20 lute duets, some for lutes in unison, some a fourth apart and some a fifth apart. I have found lute duets particularly challenging to edit, because the parts are never combined in a score, and while each part usually sounds reasonable by itself, in combination with a second part, there are often differences in the parts such that they may be of different lengths and hard to align with each other. Differences in the notes, including differences in musica ficta, may also result in very harsh dissonances, which I don’t believe were intended by the composer. It seems that the parts were not tested to make sure they went together well. I was able to suss out all but three of the duets. For those three, I have simply provided the original separate parts in the hope that someone will take to time to sort them out.

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